Wasp Nest Removal and Control in All Oxfordshire Areas

Wasp Nest Removal Oxfordshire

Wasp nest removal services in OxfordshireWNR Oxfordshire serves the areas in and around the county of Oxfordshire with highly skilled and experienced wasp nest removal services, whether your property is domestic or commercial in nature. If a wasp problem is called in, one of our local teams will be dispatched to the property. Once on the scene our team of wasp control specialists are well drilled and know exactly what they are looking for as they seek to rid you of your wasp nest problem. So, residents and businesses around the Oxfordshire areas should call us immediately if wasp nest control is required.

Wasps are pests and as the months become warmer, we are aware of their ever increasing presence around our homes and places of work. Although often seen and heard, actually working out where their nests are can be a little more complicated. Our experts will help track down the nest which could be literally anywhere around the home, with garages, lofts and sheds seemingly popular with wasps, as well as places like the cavities in walls and the eves of roofs. If you notice a large number of wasps circulating these areas, it could well signify the presence of a nest.

There is no doubting that wasps can be aggressive, even more so when disturbed so if a nest is suspected on your property, you are well advised to stay away if possible and call Oxfordshire’s leading wasp nest removal company. Although stings from a wasp can be very painful, they are often easy to deal with but occasionally their sting can trigger what is known as anaphylactic shock which can actually be life threatening for some. A solo wasp can secrete something called alarm pheromones which will alert the rest of a colony from a nearby nest. It’s important not to approach a suspected site of a nest, please call the experts for safe and professional help.

Wasp Nest Termination in Oxfordshire

Same day wasp nest control in OxfordshireWNR Oxfordshire are renowned for quick response times and if called we can help to remove the wasps before they cause too much havoc. Our service is available 7 days a week and we guarantee same day appointments for wasp nest removal services throughout the Oxfordshire area. Council departments often no longer deal with wasp nest removal and defer then to other companies, so for speed and precision, please call our Oxfordshire based pest control technicians.

The members of our team will quickly establish the nature of the problem having arrived at the scene and with knowledge and experience will evaluate the situation (risk assessment); ensuring the safety of all concerned is of utmost importance.

We will liaise with property owners during each step of the process and any procedures to be undertaken will only occur with your permission. If you are worried about the nature of the problem or the procedures, we are always available to answer any of your questions and discuss the wasp nest removal process with you.

Independent Wasp Control Company in Oxfordshire

Leading local pest control specialists covering OxfordshireOur specialised equipment is right up to date and used specifically to remove the threat of wasps and their nests in commercial and residential areas. A special pesticide is used and applied to the relevant area and within just a few hours the problem should be fully under control with the nest and any returning wasps destroyed.

What do we need you to do?

Other than call us, alerting us to a potential problem, we ask you to stay away from the area that has been treated for 24 hours. Over the years we estimate that more than 97% of wasp nests are totally destroyed with just one visit. Although unlikely, if there is a recurring problem in the same area, we promise a second visit completely FREE!
Wasps can be a problem; even on cooler days when they tend to behave even more aggressively, so please don’t wait until a potential problem gets out of hand.

We are here to help you, so please contact us for any issues with wasp nest removals in the Oxfordshire area.