Wasp Nest Removal and Control Services In Caversham RG4

Wasp Nest Removal Caversham

Wasp nest removal services in CavershamOperating 7 days a week, the WNR Oxfordshire team offer a fully comprehensive wasp nest removal service in Caversham itself and around the county. Fully trained and fully equipped and one of the leading companies of our kind, our Caversham based wasp nest control technicians are on hand to help you with any wasp infestation that may arise and draw it to a safe conclusion.

It’s possible that upwards of 25,000 wasps might reside in a single nest. However, despite these large numbers it’s not always easy to detect the actual location of the nest itself. Wasps tend to have their nests in nooks and crannies and difficult to reach places. You might find them in the cavities of walls, in garages, lofts, sheds (especially if they are used infrequently) and even in chimneys! Although the nest may be hidden from view, if you notice an increasing number of wasps congregating in specific areas, then it may be that there is a nest near and your local Caversham wasp nest control team should be called out.

If you think you may have identified the possible location of a nest, we strongly advise against any approach to the area or any attempt to deal with the problem yourselves. Wasps are notoriously aggressive and pack a nasty little sting that can prove uncomfortable for anyone. In some circumstances, a bad reaction to a sting may set off an anaphylactic shock which can be potentially life threatening if not treated quickly.

All of the WNR Oxfordshire technicians have been trained to effectively deal with all wasp infestation problems and know exactly how to approach each different situation. It is common these days for local councils to defer Caversham wasp nest control to companies like us, so please call us if you suspect a problem.

Working locally in Caversham itself and throughout the RG4 postcode area. Our teams are rapid response and fully guarantee a same day appointment. If the same day isn’t convenient for you, we can work with you to arrange a more suitable time.

Treatment of Wasp Nests in Caversham

Destruction of a wasp nest in CavershamWhat will happen once you have made an appointment with one of our Oxfordshire wasp nest removal teams?

Upon arriving at the appropriate location a thorough risk assessment will be carried out to ensure the best plan is put into effect. During each step of the procedure, our friendly and helpful technicians will speak with you and ensure you are aware of the actions that will be taken to make sure of a successful extermination and nest removal.

Risk assessment Steps:

Detect the wasps nest or the area of hazard and assess the risk to the property owners and local community.
A plan is quickly drawn up, detailing the requirements to best control and eliminate the wasp infestation.
Consultation on all findings will take place with the relevant property owners and a request for permission to proceed.

Once all the above has been accomplished our technicians will begin their highly skilled work. As a specially licensed company we can use a special pesticide and apply it to the area. It’s very quick and really effective and within just a few hours, the nest along with all wasps associated with it will be destroyed. We just ask that you stay away from the area for the next 24 hours to ensure a safe and thorough conclusion.

Independent Wasp Nest Control Company in Caversham

Helping to terminate a wasp nest in CavershamOur team members have many years of combined experience in the field and we are constantly revising and improving our methods to align with the latest technology and safety standards. An estimated 97% of nests and colonies are destroyed with just one visit but if on a rare occasion a second visit is needed to deal with the same area, we offer this second visit FREE!

Please call us for any further information or advice about our services.

If you suspect the presence of a nest, please call us as soon as possible for wasp nest removal and control in Caversham.