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How To Prevent Getting A Wasp Nest At Your Oxfordshire Property

Firstly, the bad news. Wasps are incredibly determined creatures and can fold their bodies pretty much flat so there is nothing you can do to guarantee wasps will not arrive at your property. Fortunately for most of our customers having a wasp nest is just a one off or once in a decade problem but for others we often must visit their properties many times every year. There are some houses wasps just love.

How to stop wasps visiting your propertyThere are several steps you can take to reduce the chances of a wasp's nest being built on your property. Although there is no way of ensuring a nest will not be created, you can take action to minimise the threat of a wasp's nest.

Where Do Wasps Build Their Nests?

Once you know where a nest is likely to be built, you can start reducing the chances of this happening. Wasps build nests in dry, dark places where they are unlikely to be disturbed. They often build their creations in small holes and gaps in places like lofts, so it's a good idea to get these sealed. You can also use lights to discourage wasps from working in these environments. Inspect areas where nests might be created frequently so you can catch them before they grow. Are there any holes in your garden? If so, consider getting these plugged.

Items You Can Move Elsewhere

Sweet smelling plants should be kept away from your doors and windows as the nectar and sap will attract them. Keep your bins some distance away from your house and keep the lids closed. You should also check for holes so you can seal them. You can also buy wasp traps but keep them away from places where you dine. If you have spotted many wasps around your home and garden, you may have a wasp's nest. At Wasp Removal Oxfordshire, we have vast experience when it comes to identifying and removing wasp's nest safely and efficiently.

Preventing A wasp Nest At Your Property

Why Choose Us?

We can come to your assistance whether you suspect you have a wasp nest at your home or business premises. We are fully trained, qualified and accredited and know exactly what to look for. If you're ready to resolve your issue before it spirals out of control, we are waiting to hear from you. Locating a wasp's nest can be more difficult than you might expect, but we have the experience and skill needed to track it down and remove it safely and efficiently. Stings can not only be painful but can also cause anaphylactic shock, so it really is important to leave things to the professionals.

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We are noted for our swift responses and can provide services many local authorities are no longer able to offer. What's more is that we won't take any actions before we have your permission. For more information about our Oxfordshire wasp removal services, contact us today.

Signs Of A Nest

If you are worried about wasps being present on your property, it is important to know what the key signs of a wasp nest are. At Wasp Removal Oxfordshire, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to identifying and removing wasps' nests, and you can count on us to do the job both safely and efficiently.

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Sting Treatment

Many people enter a state of panic when they come into close contact with a wasp. If you have ever been stung by a wasp, you may become incredibly anxious when one flies near to you. Young children are particularly scared of wasps, but many full-grown adults are also very fearful of them.

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