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Signs Of A Wasp Nest At Your Oxfordshire Property

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If You Can See Wasps, There's A Nest Nearby

If you are worried about wasps being present on your property, it is important to know what the key signs of a wasp nest are. At Wasp Removal Oxfordshire, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to identifying and removing wasps' nests, and you can count on us to find the nest and do the job both safely and efficiently.

Wasps entering a garden nest in Oxfordshire

Do I Have A Wasp's Nest?

You may have a wasp's nest if you have spotted a considerable number of wasps in and around your property recently. Not all wasp's nests are created equally, and they can vary in size dramatically. In the late summer, a nest can contain up to a huge 5,000 wasps. The nests are made with a mixture of chewed wood and saliva. They are created by a considerable number of wasps working together. A wasp nest will generally be close to where you can see the wasps constantly entering. The most common places we see wasp nests are in fascia boards near your roof that often lead into your loft space, but they can find their way into tiny gaps under roof tiles, sheds etc.

Where Are Wasp's Nests Located?

Wasps tend to use sheltered environments for their nests. These can include wall cavities, in garages and sheds, in bushes and beneath trees. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wasp's nests have been built in all sorts of strange and surprising locations. Wasp's nests tend to grow as summer continues. One step you can take to try and identify the location of a nest is to see where the female worker wasps go once you have spotted them. It is vital to act as soon as you suspect you have a wasp's nest. If you continue to ignore it, it is likely to continue growing and cause you further problems.

Example of A wasp Nest In Oxfordshire

Leave The Job To Us

It is essential to leave things to the professionals whether you fear wasps or not. If you disturb the nest, the wasps can become very aggressive and leave you covered in stings. At Wasp Removal Oxfordshire, we have treated countless wasp's nests and have all the vital resources, clothing and equipment needed to carry out the job quickly and safely. We adhere to strict guidelines when we complete this work and can give you advice on preventing a wasp's nest from appearing in future. Some people confuse bees and wasps. Bees are an endangered species that need to be protected, which means their nests will only be treated after we have sought advice from a professional beekeeper.

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